Velociraptor is a extra small dinosaur that is classed as mainly a scavenger. It was known to have excellent night vision. It caused bleed to dinosaurs of its own size and mass only and doing nothing to bigger dinosaurs. It is aggressive to intruders but is social to its own kind and it is noted to have a overall stamina of a high metabolic rate.


Velociraptors are so tiny that their diet consists almost entirely of small herbivores such as Dryosaurus. Short, dumpy dinos of that ilk just cannot escape such speedy predators, and have little to no defense against that savage bite.


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Velociraptor is near the bottom of the food chain, but being small has advantages. They can easily hide in tall grass and bushes in order to ambush prey or evade predators.

Lightly built with long legs, these swift hunters move exceedingly fast, easily chasing down food and escaping those who might view velociraptor as a meal. They are also incredibly intelligent hunters. In combat, a pack will use their large numbers to confuse prey by attacking from all sides, offering no chance for it to focus and fight back.

Defining Trait

Toe Claws: Velociraptor is famed for having a single enlarged digit on each foot, both ending in long curved claws. It is a common trait among raptors, and while bigger examples like Utahraptor use these to latch onto prey, in velociraptor they have a different purpose. Kicking off with their long curved claws as they sprint provides additional speed and lift, which also makes them astonishing jumpers.


  • Velociraptor literal name means "Speedy Thief" or "Swift Robber"
  • Velociraptor discovery was by osborn in 1924.
  • Velocraptor is the 3rd fastest Carnivore in the game below Utahraptor and Carnotaurus.