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Utahraptor was a heavy-built large Dromaeosaurid from the Early Cretaceous.

In The Isle, the Utahraptor is an agile carnivore, capable of dashing, dodging and leaping with both deadly precision and terrifying speed. It is through this great agility that the Utahraptor is capable of chasing down its prey with ease, as well as employing hit-and-run tactics against larger, slower creatures.

Utahraptor was added to The Isle in Patch

In Real Life

Though the Utahraptor may have a reputation for being a swift predator, Utahraptor was actually a very bulky and stocky creature. Utahraptor was the largest known Dromaeosaur that ever walked the Earth, reaching sizes up between 19 and 23 feet long and 500kg in weight. Utahraptor had short and deep torso, and the tail was more mobile than other Dromaeosaurs. The skull was large and strong, the lower jaw bent forward and down had sharp teeth facing forward. The legs were short, robust and powerful. These suggest that Utahraptor wasn't a light-built swift long distance runner, but a heavily-built ambush hunter that hunted large herbivorous dinosaurs.

Utahraptor has been discovered in Yellow Cat Member, a part of Cedar Mountain Formation. It was semiarid area with short wet season during the existence of Utahraptor. Utahraptor lived in places such as floodplains, riverine forests, and open woodlands. Due to the absence of larger theropod hypercarnivores in its habitat at the time, Utahraptor could evolve its larger size, took up the position of apex predator.

In The Isle

"As the epitome of cunning and ferocity, able to swiftly maneuver at high speeds and pounce upon unsuspecting victims, the Utahraptor has certainly earned its fearsome reputation. Whilst all Utahraptors are inherently dangerous... It's the ones you don't see that are truly clever."

-Official The Isle Roadmap

Strong in both solo and group play, the great agility of the Utahraptor is what makes it so dangerous. With high stamina, fast running speed and a very tight turning radius, The Utahraptor is capable of hunting small- to almost large sized prey.

Should regular attacks not suffice, the Utahraptor can hold the right mouse button to pounce forwards, latching onto whatever creature it leaps upon and grappling onto them, slashing away. This ability may not provide as much damage as the Utahraptor's bites, but it can leave their victims with serious bleeding. Additionally, while grappling, don't forget to let go before your stamina runs out, or if your target is slowly bucking you off - lest you'll drop motionless on the floor.

General Information


  • Fast run speed (although slower than Maiasaura and Carnotaurus)
  • somewhat short grow time
  • Very strong in numbers
  • Juveniles can enter burrows (Legacy Branch)


  • Must avoid most larger dinosaurs (mostly when playing solo)
  • Failing to dodge a big attack could cost you your life
  • Loses stamina very fast while pouncing


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Behind The Scenes

The Utahraptor and Tenontosaurus will be used as mechanic bases for every other creature in the game, adjusting them respectively.

Intelligent AI Utahraptor are planned.


The Utahraptor is being added as AI in "Update #1", the first AI that will be re-added to the game.

Click here to see current status on the Utahraptor's development on the Official The Isle Roadmap


  • New eating animation can be downloaded here
  • New scent animation can be downloaded here
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