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current update: Recode
21.03.2019: "recode". They are rebuilding the entire game. ( c++ recode ) Basically a free "The Isle 2".
  • We have to wait longer for the EVRIMA / Recode Update, but they have amazing things in store :D.
  • Work will continue on 3 different branches ( Git ) :
    • 1. "Legacy" Branch:
      • Contains the playable game as it currently is.
    • 2. "future live" (next big Update) Branch:
      • At the Onset: One new Carnivore and Herbivore along with some new mechanics that were teased in "Phase 2".
    • 3. "Test" Branch:
      • Q/A test branch.
  • These Features come with this Update:
    • New Stamina, Health, Scent, Venom, Bone Break- and Bleed System
      • Bleed: You will lose your Stamina instead of taking damage, depending on your bleed level.
      • Venom: Troodon and Dilo can track there prey down.
    • Body Collision
    • Pouncing on other dinos will be reintroduced, e.g. with a Utah
    • Dinos will not be able to bite through walls and trees
    • Draggable Corpses. You can snack a bit / part of a Corpse and go with it away.
    • Herbivores will be able to Graze, gaining small amounts of food by eating grass.
      • Corpses decay or can be eaten until only your bones lie there.
        So you can see your place of death more often ;D

  • Dinos:
    • These 14 Dinos ( and No Apexes ) will come with the recode or soon after:
    • The recode is not about adding existing dinosaurs.
      ( Spino, Rex, Giga, Stego, Trike, Cama )
      • They will be coming over the course of this or next year after the recode.
    • Dinos will have major stat changes.
    • Most Dinos maximum sizes will be increased. E.g. the Rex will be as big as Sue.
    • All Juvies will get unique animations,
      so that they are faster. Currently they have the same as the adults.
    • Other Dinos will also have new animations / sounds.
    • Alt-turn Animation.
    • Herbivores will have more food options.

  • New / remaked Maps:
    • Isla Spero (Hope) : . . 1000 km², 4 times bigger than v3. V3 doesnt exist any more.
    • Thenyaw : . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 km², larger than the old Thenyaw map, which is currently 6km x 6.65km.

  • Other:
    • Seamless growth (Growth morphing). No "Grow" Button any more.
    • Better CPU and Bandwidth performance and smaller updates.
    • No more spamming nest invites
      it will still be a feature, but not through a global invite.

    • A new Affinity is maybe irrelevant.
    • The new Combat System will be its own thing.
      It may come later, only Dondi knows.
    • The modkit will come later, since the code will still change frequently.
      • But when the game is at version 1.0 you can create all Mods that you want (everything) ( including Strain Herbivores )
    • For Hope Map: Dondi: "Our fully aquatic (marine) animals are more likely to make an appearence."
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