Suchomimus is a large spinosaurid from the late Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period.

Suchomimus was added to The Isle alongside the Ankylosaurus in Patch

In Real Life

A very close relative of Baryonyx, Suchomimus was around 10-11 meters long and weighed around 5 tons. Like many spinosaurids, Suchomimus likely preyed on fish and small to medium-sized dinosaurs and it possibly scavenged and stole other carnivores kills.

Suchomimus arms were heavily muscled, indicating it probably used them in predation. Additionally, the jaws were built to resist twisting forces and the teeth were designed for grabbing, not slicing.


Suchomimus is at home in the water and thus lives near rivers, lakes, and wetlands. Suchomimus has a mostly piscivore diet but is not afraid to face other carnivores to scavenge food or even hunt small herbivores. Suchomimus shares its home with Baryonyx, Spinosaurus, and Deinosuchus, giving it a bit of competition for food.

In The Isle

It has the slightest hunger of any dinosaur. All you have to do is hide and wait until you can grow.

While the Suchomimus does possess increased swimming speed and half the stamina drain while swimming, it is still unable to reliably ambush from the water as you will be too exposed.

When faced with an Apex, the best thing for Sucho to do is to lose them either through a dense forest or swimming across a large lake. Being the largest and strongest mid-tier carnivore(in Survival), the Suchomimus can overpower other medium-sized dinosaurs such as Allosaurus with ease. The Suchomimus is slow (only faster than Giganotosaurus and Triceratops) but makes up for it in high stamina. It should also generally reside near a large body of water to take advantage of its swimming bonuses.

Remember to team up with other carnivores in order to take down large prey.

General Information


  • Can swim underwater and halved stamina drain from swimming.
  • Good bleed damage
  • High damage
  • Good stamina and bleed resistance
  • Low hunger


  • Very slow trot
  • Slow run speed and ambush
  • Abysmal crouch walk speed


  • Once they are added, fish will be the main prey of the Suchomimus


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Behind The Scenes


The original Suchomimus model used in-game is a modified version of Vlad Konstantinov's Spinosaurus model, and has henceforth been replaced.

Sucho Growth Morph can be downloaded here


Suchomimus is being added as a playable creature in "Update #3".

Click here to see current status on the Suchomimus's development on the Official The Isle Roadmap

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