Spinosaurus is the largest Bipedal carnivore dinosaur in the isle, excluding strains. It is part of the fisher branch and it's known to have moderate night vision compared to the other apexes. It is noted to be an aggressive and territorial dinosaur as well as a scavenger due to its size and slow speed. However, it is definitely not to be underestimated and can easily hunt for itself if need be.


  • Medium to Large Herbivores
  • Smaller Predators
  • Scavenged carrion

Though they *could* snatch fish with ease, this apex predator requires a richer diet. Spinosaurus is big ,strong and tough dino strong enough to hunt any land-dwelling dino, or outright steal the kills of smaller ones. They seek larger that are easier to chase down.


Spinosaurs can find it difficult to maneuver within the confines of the forest, but they burn so much energy every day that they must stay close to where the meat is.


Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus is one of our resident super predators. An elongated jaw filled with sharp teeth makes short work of prey, and a long neck lets them bite enemies and not stay too close.

Spinosaurs are also surprisingly nimble, which gives them an advantage in battles for food against other apex predators, although these confrontations can still result in lethal consequences.

Defining Trait

Large Sail: The largest of its kind, Spinosaurus has huge energy needs, thus, the species evolved a frankly enormous thermoregulatory sail. It offers no Armour, instead of helping to control the massive animal's body temperature.

Crocodilian Features

Spinosaurids originally developed extended jaws to snatch fish out of the water, but this apex predator has a much greater bite force, backed by a long muscular neck that allows the predator to take vicious swipes at its prey.


  • Spinosaurus name literally means "Spined lizard".
  • Spinosaurus discovery was by Stromer in 1915.
  • Spinosaurus has a skin that is based on the Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus.
  • Spinosaurus is currently the 6th biggest Carnivore in the Isle.
  • Spinosaurus has its own Strain Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus.
  • Spinosaurus will have another model Spinosaurus (Aquatic).
  • The first Spinosaurus skeleton was destroyed by Nazi bombs during WW2.