Pachycephalosaurus is a small herbivore which is known to be a bone breaker, using its domed head to inflict serious damage. It is noted to have good night vision. Unlike most herbivores it is aggressive and territorial with a overall stamina with a high metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

Pachys stick to the redwood forests where they are less exposed, this has led them to favour the plants growing below.


Like many herbivores, Pachycephalosaurus uses its head when it comes to self preservation. Literally...with a domed skull of solid bone over ten inches thick, and two long, powerful back legs, it can charge head-first into enemies with tremendous speed and force. Since their armour is concentrated up front, it's better to attack from the rear when taking on this aggressive little animal.


These are among the fastest dinosaurs, easily able to sprinting over long distances. An extra-high metabolic rate gives them incredible stamina, and a real thirst...


Growth time in minutes:

  • Hatch: 20
  • Juvie: 70
  • Adult: 60


  • Pachycephalosaurus means "thick-headed lizard".