The First Phase of the new nesting system got Introduced to the Dev. Branch on the 25. Okt (Dev Branch version


Every Female Dinosaur is able to build a nest once it reaches adulthood. Some Dinos even have a small animation play as they build their nest.

Most Species have a nest appropiate to their size with a model to accompany.
Dryosaurus Nest

Exsample: Dryosaurus Nest

Use the [B] key to build a nest in your desired spot and use [E] Key on a nest to interact with it. To gestate and egg the female must sit on the nest and press [B].

Other Players are able to interact with the nest aswell.

The Mother must sit on the nest or to gestate and incubate a Egg!

An egg currently needs around 10 minutes to gestate and another 15-20 minutes to Incubate.


  • You can only be invited to one nest at a time, if you accept a different invite, the previous invite will expire.
  • Invites only last in that session and if you relog you will need to receive another nest invite.
  • Anyone can destroy your nest by attacking it with a standard attack.
  • Different Nest Models and Nest Sizes/Stats per dinosaur.
  • It is advised to place the Nest close to a water and food source.

Inviting Players to Nest:

Once you have a nest and a egg has spawned, you can invite anyone on the server to spawn as a hatchling of the same dinosaur type.Once they recieved the invite to Nest, they can hit the [Nest] button on the Selcetion screen of the dinosaurs to spawn as a hatchling at your nest.

Note: If your nest doesn't have a egg or has been destroyed the spawn won't work.

Future Mechanics/Features/Changes:

  • Other players can steal eggs from your nest as food. (Considered)
  • A mother and a father will be needed to spawn a Hatchling in.