Maiasaura was a medium sized herbivore. It has poor night vision and attacks with a headbutt. It has a passive-aggressive temperament. It has an overall stamina medium metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

Maiasaura need to brave the open plains to find the flora they require for food.


Smaller and less armoured than its big brother Shantungosaurus, a Maia must rely on swinging its thick neck to knock predators away. Throwing over 3 tonnes of body weight into a swipe, a lucky hit can cripple small hunters. But, this is a difficult maneuver for them to achieve. Better to turn and flee with most predators. Confronting attackers does not usually end well for many a Maiasaura.

Strength in numbers?

Maiasaura are gentle giants, they have little defense against predation and often rely on outrunning attackers. While a good short distance sprinter, this is not a winning strategy. The survival odds of any Maia increases when part of a herd, simply because other Maiasaura will also be on the menu.  

Growth Times:

  • Maia Hatch: 20
  • Maia Juvie: 50
  • Maia Adult: 60


  • Maiasaura name means "Good Mother Lizard".
  • Maiasaura discovery was by Horner in 1979.
  • Maiasaura is dubbed by the community as "Maia".