Herrerasaurus was a small carnivore living in the isle which has been noted to have excellent night vision with a known aggressive and territorial behavior with an overall stamina of a high metabolic rate.


Herrerasaurus is fast enough to chase down small herbivores, their staple diet usually consists of creatures like Dryosaurus, Gallimimus and Avaceratops and whatever carcasses they find.


This is an incredibly intelligent and dangerous animal, small enough to lie in wait among the foliage, or follow you inside a usually safe building.


A much more primitive form of predator, lacking the long talons or sickle claws of later hunters. They have a savage bite, but a few means of defense. An interesting adaptation is the inflatable throat pouch that produces deep vocal calls to intimidate enemies, sounding bigger than it looks.

Defining Trait

Big Voice: With a bulging neck apparatus, an adult Herrerasaurus can produce calls much bigger and deeper than you would expect, making this relatively small predator appear a whole lot more intimidating.


  • Herrerasaurus means "Herrera's lizard".
  • Herrerasaurus discovery was by reign in 1963.
  • Herrerasaurus can progress into 2 different dinosaurs species.