Diabloceratops is a medium sized dinosaur that causes bleed to its enemies with a swift swipe of its head. It should be noted that it is a terrestrial and aggressive creature. It has limited night vision and its overall stamina is of a low metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

Diabloceratops can be found roaming the redwood forests. They feed on the thistle-like flora growing between the trees.


Although its head crest is just thin skin, the four long horns attached to it are deadly enough to deter smaller foes.

With thin skin and a rather large posterior, it's important that diablos meet danger head-on.

Although still quite a large animal, the diablo is fairly light on its feet, able to sprint away at a pace that will outrun most lumbering predators.

Frontal Protection

Diabloceratops lacks the thick hide of Triceratops, but compensates for this with two extra horns. The multi-pronged headcrest is their only defence, so they have learned to shake it with great force when under attack.


Growth time in minutes

  • Hatch: 25
  • Juvie: 80
  • Adult: 100


  • Diabloceratops name means "Devil horned face".
  • Diabloceratops Discovery was by Kirkland in 2010