Carnotaurus is a medium sized carnivore which causes bleed damage type with its bite and claws. It is well known for having excellent night vision and for being aggressive and terrestrial and having a overall stamina of a high metabolic rate.


The cheetah of the Cretaceous, carnotaurus is a speedy predator fast enough to chase down almost any small herbivore. They sneak in close, before launching after prey. Lower tier Hardosaurs provide a good meal, but smaller animals like Gallies or Dryos may not be worth the energy expended catching them, having little meat for a Carno to sink its teeth into.


Carnotaurs usually congregate in the meadows. They are not the masters of subtlety.


Despite their fearsome appearance, they are not especially tough. Horns and osteaderms offer little protection from bullets. Their bite is also rather weak for dinos of this size. However, that does mean Carnotaurs usually hunt in packs.

Be wary of fighting them close up. They can maneuver with great speed to gore you with those sharp horns, and are agile enough to run you down. The impressive stamina of Carnotaurus means they can have large territories, being able to run for long distances.

Defining Traits

Horn Devil

Twin horns of solid bone protrude above each eye giving Carnotaurus a rather demonic appearance. But such long sharp horns aren't just for display. They are the Carnotaur's primary weapons, use to gore prey. This pointy arrangement also provides moderate armour for the beast's skull.

Practically Armless

Carnotaurus is a VERY lean dino, and this evolutionary streamlining extends to its own arms. They are barely noticeable, small and tucked up close to the body, making carnotaurus a more aerodynamic animal.


Growth time is in minutes:

  • Hatch: 25
  • Juvie: 40
  • Adult: 120

Juvenile Info at 100% Growth:

Max Speed:
Bite Force:

Sub Adult Info at 100% Growth:

Max Speed:
Bite Force:

Adult Info at 100% Growth:

Health: 2,170
Max Speed: 52.2 km/h
Bite Force: 250N 



Growth time in minutes:

  • Hatch: 25
  • Juvie: 40
  • Adult: 70


  • Carnotaurus name means "Meat Eating Bull".
  • Carnotaurus also has a strain form known as Hyperendocrin Carnotaurus.
  • Carnotaurus discovery was by Bonaparte in 1985.