Camarasaurus is an extra large sized herbivore dinosaur. It is the second largest herbivore in the game second only to Puertasaurus. It has limited night vision, but is very social and can herd with most other herbivores. It has a low metabolic rate.

Feeding Ground

Camarasaurus can often be found in forests feeding from the treetops along side their bigger cousin the Puertasaurus. The must constantly feed on plant matter to survive, and often migrate to different feeding grounds once they have been depleted.


The Camarasaurus has no attack at the moment. However, its large size and large health pool are an indirect deterrent to most carnivores, except for the apexes and strains. It is resistant to bone breaking.


  • The name Camarasaurus means "chambered lizard", due to the hollow chambers in its vertebrae.
  • The first Camarsaurus remains were found in 1877 by a colleague of Othnial Marsh during the bone wars.
  • Camarasaurus lived from 155 to 145 mya.