Austroraptor is a small piscivore and a predatory dinosaur with excellent night vision. It is aggressive and terrestrial. It's overall stamina is a high metabolic rate. It is also a bleed damage type with its bite and claw. It can also pounce large dinosaurs and can prove deadly in a pack.


Fish are top of the menu. The long snout of austroraptor is ideal for snatching them out of the water. However, they can also tackle small land-based animals or even larger herbivores when working in packs. It pays to not be overly ambitious though, these are delicate hunters.


Raptors are highly adaptable,hunting ably in almost any environment. On the smaller end of the scale, Austroraptor can more readily hide in undergrowth for stealth attacks.


Austro is slower than some of its relatives, being more adapted for fishing, but any small animal should still fear them. A hungry predator will not pass up a hot meal and humans can easily be overpowered by an austro. These are also social animals, living and hunting in packs. Be warned, being small means they can follow you indoors.


  • Austroraptor name means "Southern thief".
  • Austroraptor Discovery was by Novas in 2008.